CTRS Renewal

CTRS Renewal

CTRS Renewal

To maintain or regain your CTRS credential, please review the four main options below, select the one that pertains to your current status, and follow the specific instructions and forms to complete the process.

Is it time to renew your CTRS Certification?

NCTRC will soon be undergoing a comprehensive update of our online systems.

If you are due for your annual maintenance or to recertify by June 30, you must submit your application and fee BEFORE THE DEADLINE OF FRIDAY, JUNE 16.

As we work behind the scenes, setting the stage for implementation of a full suite of new and improved features, we will be unable to accept your application between June 19-July 31.

Thank you for your patience, and please visit us on or after August 1.

CTRS Annual Maintenance

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) are required to submit an annual maintenance application and fee for each year of the five-year certification cycle. The annual maintenance application and fee are due by the posted expiration date. More

CTRS Recertification

Each CTRS is required to recertify every five years in order to demonstrate their continuing professional knowledge and competence. The recertification application and fee are due by the posted expiration date. More

CTRS Reentry

Reentry is a process whereby certain individuals whose certification recently expired, may qualify for eligibility to take the NCTRC CTRS certification examination to reinstate their CTRS credential. Reentry certification eligibility is limited to candidates who were CTRS certified within two years prior to their application for reentry. More

Specialty Certification Renewal

CTRSs who hold specialty certification in one of the designated areas are required to complete annual maintenance and recertification for both their CTRS certification and specialty certification. The annual maintenance application and fee must be submitted for each year of the five year specialty certification cycle. Specialty recertification is required every five (5) years and must be submitted at the scheduled time of the CTRS Recertification. More