NCTRC Certification Exam

NCTRC Certification Exam

NCTRC Certification Exam

Successful completion of the NCTRC Certification Exam is a requirement of the CTRS credentialing application process. Applicants must establish Professional Eligibility in order to register for the exam. For a complete explanation of the exam application process please review NCTRC Certification Standards: Part II NCTRC Exam Information.

Exam Registration

The NCTRC Certification Exam is only available to individuals who have established professional eligibility or who have current CTRS status.
Download: Exam Registration Application

About the Exam

The NCTRC examination is a variable-length examination. During the administration of the examination, each group of questions (testlets) is timed separately. The base test is completed by all candidates and consists of 90 questions for which you have a total of 86 minutes. You are permitted to move back and forth within the base test, but the base test may not be reviewed once it has been exited.

Upon completion of the base test of 90 questions, you will receive (a) a passing score ending the exam; (b) a failing score ending the exam; or (c) a score that falls in a range that is neither failing nor passing and you will move to another section. These additional sections are called “testlets”, each containing 15 questions and lasting for 14 minutes. You are permitted to move back and forth within each testlet, but each testlet may not be reviewed once it has been exited. At the end of each testlet, the same scoring decision as used at the end of the base test will occur and the examination will either end or continue. If you receive the base test and all testlets (total 180 questions), you will have a maximum of 3 hours of seat time. Candidates should answer each question presented, marking any questions you would like to review should time permit in each section.

To maximize your time and to assure that you do not exit each section in error before answering all of the questions in each section, you should complete each section before reviewing marked questions. To ensure the valid development of the NCTRC exam program, experimental nonscored questions are presented in the course of the variable-length examination.