Annual Professional Eligibility Renewal

Annual Professional Eligibility Renewal

Applicants must gain NCTRC eligibility to be seated for the NCTRC exam. Eligibility is valid for five years from the date of issue provided the individual submits an annual maintenance application and fee.

Professional Eligibility Annual Maintenance Application

The Professional Eligibility Annual Maintenance Application and fee must be postmarked to NCTRC by the required expiration date or professional eligibility will become inactive.

Applicants with inactive status will need to reinstate their professional eligibility prior to registering for the NCTRC exam. Reinstatement to active professional eligibility status can be achieved at any time during the five-year professional eligibility cycle by paying the current reinstatement fee plus any delinquent annual maintenance fees. Reinstatement to active status may not occur following expiration of the five year eligibility cycle. Professionally eligible applicants must pass the exam to receive the CTRS credential.

Please be certain to submit a completed application. If your application is incomplete it will be returned to you and your requested test date may be postponed until the next available test period. Send all application materials to NCTRC by return-receipt mail. All materials submitted to NCTRC as part of the Professional Eligibility Application process will become the property of NCTRC and cannot be returned. A processing fee will be charged if the applicant requests to have his/her application returned prior to completion of the review process. Candidates should retain a copy of the Professional Eligibility Application and all materials sent to NCTRC.

Please keep contact information current throughout your application process. To change an address or day-time phone number send a letter, email or fax to NCTRC with the updated contact information and include your social security number on all correspondence.

Application Fees

Applications for Professional Eligibility Annual Maintenance are accepted throughout the year but must be postmarked prior to the posted deadline. The specific fees associated with the Professional Eligibility Annual Maintenance are as follows:

Annual Fee to Maintain Professional Eligibility $80.00
(required after 1 year of Professional Eligibility)
Professional Eligibility Reinstatement Fee $25.00
(required if Professional Eligibility Annual Maintenance is late)
Exam Registration Fee $325.00
Exam Reschedule Fee $25.00
Returned Application Processing Fee $25.00
Fee for Bank Checks from Foreign Countries $25.00
Fee for Returned Check $50.00
Fee for Rejected Credit Card $20.00

The required fees must accompany each NCTRC application or the application will be returned. All fees must be in U.S. dollars. If an individual resides outside of the U.S., the fees must be sent by credit card, money order or cashier’s check in U.S. dollars made payable to NCTRC. All certification review fees paid to NCTRC are non-refundable, regardless of review decision or withdrawal of the application during the review process.