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NCTRC Hurricane Disaster Response

The Board of Directors and staff of NCTRC join all CTRSs in expressing concern for the individuals impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. While progress is being made to provide relief to all affected by these disasters, it is a somber fact that it may take months or perhaps years before life is returned to “normal” for many victims. As an organization, NCTRC is exploring several ways in which it might assist CTRSs and TR students during this tragedy. NCTRC has already received several calls and emails regarding these disasters. As of now, we are encouraging individuals to address their…

July/August 2017 e-News

Welcome to NCTRC e-News! A Message from the NCTRC Chair  Colleen A. Cooke, EdD, CTRS, CLL, NCTRC Board of Directors Hello friends and colleagues! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer.  The professional staff at NCTRC has been very busy, with little time to breathe, to be quite frank.  There are lots of changes occurring, as you are aware, that will make the certification, maintenance and recertification processes much more efficient for you and for the NCTRC office. First, you should be aware that NCTRC is going, for the most part, paperless! All of the documents that have…

Certification Standards in French

Complete NCTRC Certification Standards in French, 2017

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